JusticeTrax LIMS-plus is a comprehensive case management software tool that integrates evidence tracking, analytical results and lab management information, giving a clear view of your laboratory operations and of every case handled.

Increase accuracy and security

Increase accuracy and security with barcoding of evidence, strengthening chain of custody and ensuring that reliable inventories are standard practice.

Enhance professional communications

Enhance professional communications via tailored and specific report templates that are defined by each laboratory based on the testing discipline.

Streamline quality management

Streamline quality management through uniformity of information involving: recording use of test methods, training records, proficiency test performance, instrument validation, maintenance and performance verification, chemical lot numbers and expiry dates, subpoenas, and courtroom monitoring.

Leverage auxiliary applications

Leverage auxiliary applications from JusticeTrax®, such as LIMS-plus DNA for greater efficiency and efficacy in forensic biology; pre-logging of evidence by submitting agencies; and delivery of status updates and results to key stakeholders.

LIMS-plus offers multiple points of configuration to address the needs of all testing disciplines within the forensic laboratory. All configurations are performed by the laboratory LIMS-plus administrator.

With LIMS-plus, managers can see the scope of laboratory management provided as the software tracks all requests for analysis, analysts and groups assigned. Assignors can view current case assignments for analysts prior to assigning additional work. Also, LIMS-plus maintains all historical data for workflow milestones, allowing review and business analysis. In addition, the management reporting feature of LIMS-plus enables customer agencies to use built-in system reports or to create their own reports to monitor laboratory operations.

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