LIMS-plus DNA is a browser-delivered application that provides sample management and tracking for forensic DNA samples as they progress through the DNA process.

Add samples to batches and arrange them

Add samples to batches and arrange them on plates quickly and easily, and monitor each phase of the DNA process.

Integrate with laboratory instrumentation

Integrate with laboratory instrumentation to upload sample and batch information to instruments as well as to download sample results from instruments.

Maintain instrument maintenance history

Maintain instrument maintenance history and calibration information.

Add and track Reagents

Add and track Reagents within the Lab.

In 2014, JusticeTrax introduced a standalone software solution called LIMS-plus DNA, which is designed to help reduce DNA backlogs by automating forensic sample data processing for both casework and databanks. The software automates the delivery of DNA profiles to local, state, and national databanks.

Laboratory administrators have full control over aspects of LIMS-plus DNA including customizable DNA methods, a Dynamic User Interface (UI), tailorable data fields and labels, role-based permission settings, among other capabilities.

Particularly helpful is LIMS-plus DNA’s full support of batch processing. Samples may be assembled into batches of a type corresponding to each of the five stages of DNA analysis. Samples may skip certain stages or may pass through stages more than once at the analyst’s discretion. And each batch goes through three processing steps: batch assembly, batch processing, and batch completion.

Finally, JusticeTrax LIMS-plus DNA provides export to the CODIS file format, and integrates with JusticeTrax LIMS-plus to facilitate sample import and results export.

For more information, download a Brochure.