Evolving LIMS-plus

It’s LIMS-plus v3!

Keep Your Content: Same database, same reports, same chain-of-custody.

Familiar Interface: A familiar interface means you’ll be productive right away.

No Feature Left Behind: All the features you’ve come to rely on.

Custom Integration Remains: Any custom integration work remains in place.

It’s New & Improved!

Browser Delivered: LIMS-plus in a browser for easy upgrades.

Modern: Say goodbye to FoxPro – brand new code, brand new architecture, brand new programming language.

Improved Features: Improved features in a familiar interface, such as Imaging and Data Extension Forms.

HealthChecker: The accompanying HealthChecker application takes the pulse of your database.

It’s Open!

Comprehensive API: Comprehensive API that uses industry standard ReST calls.

Standard Reporting Tools: Standard reporting tools for data analysis.

It’s Yours!

No Additional Charge: Available to all customers under maintenance.

Easy Upgrade: Low-friction upgrade from LIMS-plus v3.7

It’s LIMS-plus v3.8!