The Consumables Inventory Management System provides laboratories with a tool to manage stocks of raw chemicals, prepared reagents, and other laboratory consumables.

Customize Templates

Create templates for Raw Materials and Reagents that contain information such as Vendors, QC Procedures, NFPA information, Ingredients, and Re-Order Information.

Manage Users

Create and edit Staff Member User Accounts through a simple wizard. Pre-defined Security Roles make it easy to quickly create and maintain User Accounts.

Easily Request Materials

Create Orders to purchase Raw Materials from a Vendor or request that a Staff Member create a Reagent.

See Reorder and Expiration Information

See notifications for Materials that are running low, are due to be reordered, or are expiring – all from the Dashboard.

With the increase in awareness of the accreditation process for forensic laboratories and the growing list of available forensic processing techniques, laboratories are experiencing a tremendous need to track their consumables inventories. JusticeTrax has developed an application to do this and much more: the Consumables Inventory Management System, or CIMS. CIMS provides forensic laboratories with a tool to manage their stocks of raw chemicals, prepared reagents, and other consumables.

The browser-delivery model of CIMS allows authorized users to access the application from virtually anywhere in the lab, to maintain inventories and storage locations of not only laboratory reagents but any consumable materials along with their lot numbers, expiration dates, MSDS documentation, NFPA placard data and other relevant information.

CIMS provides tracking functionality for Raw Materials from any Vendor and also supports the creation of Laboratory Prepared Materials based on configurable recipes where two or more Materials can be combined to create analytical reagents. Users are able to create and receive Orders consisting of one or more vendor-provided materials so that the process of validating incoming inventory is streamlined, consistent and auditable resulting in potentially significant time and cost savings to Laboratories.

All aspects of CIMS are controlled by the customer agency system administrator.