Welcome to JusticeTrax Customer Care!

The Customer Care department at JusticeTrax is responsible for all customer-based services and needs. From software installation to product implementation to support, we support our customers every step of the way.

Customer Care is pleased to announce ASK ME ANYTHING sessions. Use the Find Out More button to view the PDF containing more information, including how to register.

Software Installations

Support Specialists specialize in software installations and provide assistance to customers with regards to network and environment configuration.

Product Implementations

The Customer Care Manager acts as the designated project manager with the Implementation Specialist providing backup.

An assigned Implementation Specialist is responsible for the completion of the bulk of implementation tasks including on-site services and training.

Customer Care Specialists are assigned select responsibilities within the project and often assist with installation tasks.

The Technical Analyst is responsible for all reporting and database related tasks, including data migration.

Technical Support

The Customer Care Specialist provides Tier 1 support to customers.

All of our support staff are skilled in the use of Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL database and other features that have extensive involvement in the JusticeTrax products.

JusticeTrax has a full suite of tools available to accomplish these tasks and each is used where it makes sense. Being a Microsoft Certified Partner, our office practices center around Microsoft Office. All general communications and operations use standardized Microsoft applications.